Terms and Conditions

Itinerary Terms and Conditions

Ground arrangement payment Terms:

  •  Advance payment can be done on or before 10th November 50% of the total cost. Balance 50% payment can be done on the 16th November. Full payment is required after 16th November to proceed with bookings.
  •  We have to do the remittance FULL PAYMENT must be done at least 30 days prior to departure). Unfortunately we cannot off credit for ground cost as we need to pay our suppliers upfront.Also due to exchange rate fluctuations payment deadlines must be strictly adhered to. For delayed payments exchange fluctuations will apply and prices will be at applicable exchange rates of the day. This requirement will be strictly adhered to due to volatile rate fluctuations. Late payments subject are subject to addition of interest cost and package price subject to change.
  • We very kindly request to comply with above.
  • Entry Visas:
  • In most cases you will be required to have a Visa. We request you to check with our staff well ahead. Also your passport must be valid minimum 06 month ahead. We will certainly assist and coordinate with your documentation processes. However certain counties would need your personal submission of the visa. Also certain visas (like Schengen visa) require considerable time and we recommend that you commence documentation early at least 3/2 months prior to departure especially on trips to long haul destinations and certain countries where embassies are not positioned in Colombo. Very Important - Kindly note for your own benefit and also for a smooth passage, once you obtain your visa, please ensure you send us a scanned copy of your visa (soft copy) or a hard copy to our office so that we can update details on your reservation. This will facilitate a smooth journey.
  • Deviation:
  • Once you are satisfied with our proposed itinerary, we kindly recommend and request you to stick to the same plan please. However we will do all possible to satisfy your need/requirement prior to finalizing. But if we have planned your trip based on a “group fare” it will be compulsory for you to travel in/out together as a group. However, in the event you need to deviate from the group at the end of the tour and travel to another destination a surcharge could apply. All such deviations are subject to availability of seats too.
  • On group tours, in most instances deviation may not be permitted as it will be inconsistent with airline requirements of travelling as a group.

In the event you cancel your tour following voluntary amounts will be applicable:

  1. 90 -60 days prior to departure No charge *
  2. 60-45 days prior to departure-  Rs. 50,000/- **
  3. 45-30 days prior to departure-  Rs. 75,000/- **
  4. 30 days prior to departure - No refund

Insurance Policy

  • For all of our tours we strongly recommend that you obtain an insurance cover. We could provide same.
  • Also note it will be COMPULSORY for most of our tours especially to countries in Europe/North & South America, Australasia and certain developed nations. Embassies too request a policy WITH A MINIMUM COVER (could be even up to Euro 35,000) along with the submission of the visa.

Important Notes: force majeure (a must read)
• Except where our foreign agents is grossly negligent, we will not be liable for …
a) Any personal injury or mishap that may occur during the tour (though we will do all possible to assist),
b) For any loss of personal belongings,
c) Any loss, personal injury or other damage suffered as a result of the other party's or the passenger's failure to adhere or comply with its agents' or guides' instruction or advice.

• We request you to READ all the contents in your tour itinerary including flight connections etc. and request for any changes PRIOR to finalization of the tour and the issuing of tickets. Subsequent requests will be liable to any penalties imposed by the airline/our suppliers.
• All services will be fulfilled according to the program, however, we seek your understanding if some of the places of visit have to be cancelled due to the : 
a) Following reasons: rescheduling of flights, offloading by the airline, delay during the journey, traffic congestion, road and weather condition and any other condition beyond our control as all services are pre-booked……..
b) And prepaid, there is no guarantee of any refund from the service provider or operator if such circumstances arise.
• Due to a flight delay or any such eventuality beyond our control it becomes necessary to re arrange your tour by re booking new domestic flight connections, please note you will have to bear such costs. However if the airline agrees to compensate we will do all possible to help from our end.
• VISA – Issues pertaining to immigration is beyond our control. In case tours are finalized and tickets issued prior to obtaining visas (due time limit deadlines) you will have to bear the cost of such cancellations.
• Should there be any unforeseen circumstances occur during the tour such as bad weather, road blockage, floods, earth slips and any other natural or man made disasters , the company reserve the right to alter itineraries, travel arrangements or hotel reservation if it is deemed necessary or in the case of force majeure.

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